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Collection and Delivery

At Autotech Hartlepool Ltd., we understand that bringing your vehicle to a service garage may not always be as easy as it sounds. Your car/van may not be in proper running condition or you might be following a busy schedule.

To address these issues, and to offer exceptional customer service to our clientele living in and around the neighbourhood, we have introduced our car and Vehicle collection Service Hartlepool.

We have a team of expert technicians who will address any issue that may be plaguing your vehicle. Autotech Hartlepool Ltd. also operates a fleet of tow-trucks and total lift vehicles that can safely transport your vehicle to our service garage, regardless of its gross tonnage.

What do we have to offer?

At our car service garage Hartlepool, we offer services like diagnostics and electrical repairs, brake and suspension check/repair, timing belt replacement, etc. Even critical repairs like engine recondition and rebuild, clutch repairs, etc. are conducted by industry veterans. We will analyse the primary causes of malfunction and provide you a detailed report of the same with price estimation.

Moreover, our services are available for both retail and fleet customers, operating both private cars and light commercial vehicles.

Our goal is to create a one-stop solution for all your vehicle-related worries; we strive for customer satisfaction, and our long list of loyal clients speaks about our success.

Our home car and vehicle delivery service Hartlepool comes at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Add to that our quality repair work and quick turnaround time, you get the value for money that you always longed for.

Our facility in Hartlepool is equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing quick and accurate assessment of a malfunctioning vehicle. We only use manufacturer-recommended spares, ensuring you do not face any issue with compatibility or loss of performance post the repair work.

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Feel free to call us whenever you face issues with a stalled or unsafe vehicle; forget about searching for car and vehicle “collection and delivery service Hartlepool near me”, pick up your phone and dial 01429 863666 to schedule a pickup location and time.

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