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Any experienced car owner understands the value of regular servicing sessions for a vehicle. Servicing is essential in many ways. It impacts the driving quality and safety, increases your car’s resale value and significantly reduces any chance of unfortunate on-road breakdowns. Also, MOT failures and otherwise unnecessary repairs can be avoided.

If you live in or around County Durham, you can now avail world-class servicing sessions at our facility- Autotech Hartlepool Ltd.

Our location Hartlepool making us easily accessible from neighbouring towns and cities including Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Seaham, Billington and Darlington.

We are proud to offer the best car Servicing Hartlepool. Our technical know-how, years of experience and continuous training is well-known within our community so many people come to us regularly and also by recommendation.

Our services

At our workshop we offer 3 different types of vehicle service sessions. They are the following:

  • A full servicewhich is recommended yearly. It is also a must every time you drive than 20,000km or 12,000 miles in a period. We recommend having this service carried out before an MOT test so there will not be any issues.
  • Close to 80 points are being tested, filters and fluids changed and much more.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to go through the full check list with you.

  • An interim service session, the commonest type of vehicle services in Hartlepool, is ideal once a year, or after every 6,000 miles of driving, especially for high mileage drivers. The service includes the testing of around 50 different points plus oil and filter change.
  • Finally, Autotech Hartlepool Ltd also provides seasonal services. These services ensure that you do not face issues when seasons and temperatures change (summer/winter), before going on holiday or in case you haven’t driven your car for a longer period (a few months). During these services we will check your vehicle’s tyres, wipers, Air condition, lights etc.

How can we help you?

Being the most reliable facility for car servicing Hartlepool, we provide all these 3 types of servicing professionally and with full dedication. In case any repairs are needed, we will take care of everything if you wish.

Contact us

You can now safely stop scouring the Internet for the “best car repairing garage near me” and head over to Autotech Hartlepool Ltd. We always enjoy meeting our patrons.

You will find us at Usworth Rd, Hartlepool TS25 1PD, United Kingdom. For any queries, please call us in advance at 01429 863666. You can also drop a line at

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