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Are you looking for the Battery Services for your vehicle?


If you experience engine misfires or a slow engine crack frequently, it can indicate a failing car battery. And, a dead battery can leave you stranded in the middle of the road, which is never welcome.

Therefore, it is necessary to look out for the signs of a malfunctioning battery and opt for car battery replacement Hartlepool from an authorised garage.

We, at Autotech Hartlepool Ltd., provide unmatched servicing and replacement of batteries for cars of any make and model.


How often should you replace car batteries?

Your 4-wheeler’s battery should ideally last four to five years. However, most car batteries wear out within three years. Several factors, like extreme temperatures and repeated cycles of discharging can squeeze the life out of your car batteries faster than expected.

It is advised to keep a check on your vehicle’s battery and replace it in time. All you have to do is drive to our facility and allow our experts to do the rest.

Common signs of a failing battery

We recommend you to replace car battery Hartlepool if you notice the following indicators of a dying battery:

  1. Dim headlights:
  2. A failing car battery will not be able to power all electrical components sufficiently. If you observe that your vehicle’s headlight is dimmer or weaker than usual, it is a potential safety issue.

  3. Slow engine crank:
  4. If your vehicle takes longer than usual to start and you hear a sluggish engine crank, it indicates a dying battery that must be replaced at the earliest.

  5. Low battery fluid level:
  6. If the battery fluid dips below the energy conductor inside, there could be a major fault in the battery as well as the charging system caused by overheating.

  7. Bloated battery case:
  8. Overheating can also lead to swelling of your car battery, which consequently reduces its life. Consider car battery replacement Hartlepool under such circumstances.

  9. Rotten egg smell:
  10. In case you perceive a pungent sulphur odour coming from around the battery, it is possibly due to a leakage. Such battery leaks corrode the posts, and your car won’t start unless the gunk is removed.

  11. Vehicle backfires:
  12. One of the major impacts of a dying battery is that it causes intermittent sparks. This leads to the accumulation of fuel in the cylinders. Upon ignition of the built-up fuel, there is a sudden increase in force that causes the engine to backfire.

Searching “battery repairing services near me?”

For a new car battery Hartlepool, come down to our garage. Our experienced team will check for the underlying problems with your vehicle’s battery, and if needed, will replace the same without any hassle.

If you have any question in mind, call us on 01429 863666 and have a word with our correspondent at Autotech Hartlepool Ltd. You can also drive to our workshop at Usworth Rd, Hartlepool TS25 1PD, United Kingdom.

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