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Free air con check

  • We will check the pressure
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Check for any leaks

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Air con Gas

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Air con Diagnostic

  • Temperature and refrigerant check
  • Checks system for faults or leaks
  • Inspection of the compressor
  • Hoses and condenser

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Anti Bacterial Clean

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Are you looking for the Air conditioning Service for your vehicle?


Your car’s AC does more than just controlling the temperature inside the passenger cabin. When functioning properly, the air conditioning system maintains air quality by filtering out bacteria, pollutants, and pollen.

Therefore, be it winter or summer, you need to ensure that your vehicle’s AC is functioning at peak condition. We recommend our customers to get their car AC serviced every two years to ensure it’s working at an optimum level.

In case you are looking for trustable and affordable Car Air Conditioning Hartlepool service, you can reach out to us. At Autotech Hartlepool Ltd., we provide a comprehensive range of car AC services, be it routine maintenance or repairs.

We use the latest equipment and diagnostic techniques for air-con repairing. Such services are conducted by highly qualified technicians, who have experience across a range of car makes and models. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Your search for “ac repairing services near me” ends with us!

Why do you need to service car AC regularly?

The AC system in your vehicle leaks nearly 10% gas every year. In case you do not go for routine servicing, this leak can lead to major faults in the car’s compressor and evaporator. Moreover, AC fittings like hoses and seals, O-rings, etc. suffer wear over time, which can lead to compromised performance.

That’s why, when you bring your car down to our facility at Hartlepool, our technicians perform a series of tests and checks. For instance, if your car’s refrigerant level is running low, we will provide Car Aircon Regas Hartlepool service to ensure this system is running optimally.

Routine maintenance for your AC with us would include:

  • Check the whole system for issues such as leaks.
  • Refill refrigerant and oils to recommended levels.
  • Make sure that the temperature output is accurate.
  • Ascertain that the system is filtering elements like bacteria and pollen efficiently.
  • Ensure it is expelling moisture adequately.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the air-con if there are odour issues.
  • Check for loose A/C fittings.

In case we find any fault with the AC system requiring repairs, we will first inform you in details, including corresponding costs before proceeding.

You can expect a quick turnaround time with our affordable, best in class air conditioning Hartlepool service. So, reach out to us today for regular maintenance or repairs of your car’s AC!

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